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Lynda, received the dress today! We love it. It fits like a glove. Here's a pic. She will be the best dressed for her school pioneer day!
Thank you so much :)

I ordered a dress from you at Christmastime and my younger daughter simply LOVES it!
Now my older daughter wants one for her birthday May 1, and I don't know if it's too late to order one.

The dress just arrived and is gorgeous! The workmanship is beautiful, and I thank you for getting it here in time for her birthday.

Dear Lynda,
Just thought you would like to see these photos I took of my girls in the dresses you made.

Hi Lynda:
The bonnets arrived yesterday (Friday) at our office with our mail delivery. Thank you so much. The bonnets are adorable. And our co-worker was so excited with them. She LOVED them.
We were also very happy to read your note that told us that your profits go to a Columbia orphanage.
We are a social service agency and have many cases of foster care and adoption. It was an extra nice surprise that our purchase went to such a great cause as well.
Thank you again,
Linda and
The Staff at UCAN
Uhlich Childrens Advantage Network

Thanks for the dress and the prompt delivery. We received it Friday afternoon -- in plenty of time for her speech (she's giving a first person speech she's written on Laura Ingalls Wilder for her final project in 2nd grade.) She's delighted with her costume. Many thanks,Marquita

Here is a picture of my daughter in her dress. She wore it for Biography Day at school.

Dear Lynda,
I received my order and I'm very happy with it. Thank you so much. I appreciated your note. It's so nice to know the charitable side of your business and that my order, indirectly, provides such a benefit to others. Your work is commendable. I am a first grade teacher so I have a deep appreciation and respect for people who help others, especially children. I will not hestitate to promote your work and cause to others. I can't wait to give your gift, now my gift thanks to your help, to my special friend (also a first grade teacher) and her daughter. They will be touched by your work as well.

The dress came yesterday and fits great. Amber even said she didn't think it would be so pretty. Thanks and God bless. You do great work.

Hi Lynda,
I rec'd the order today. It is exceptional workmanship and I am very satisfied. I will post comments on your website tomorrow. Was also very touched by your note about the proceeds going to the orphanage. I also have an orphanage that is very special to my heart. It is the Zamimpillo in S. Africa. I don't think we can do enough to help these forgotten children. Bless you.

I was wondering if you could possibly make a second bonnet for Felicia out of the red gingham as you did for the doll dress. Make it the same size as the off white one. I am happy to pay for the cost of this and also make a donation to the orphanage in your name. Let me know. Thanks again,

Dear Lynda,
The dresses arrived yesterday and they are all precious. Thank you. I picked up little canvas bags at Hobby Lobby (only $1 each this week) and some slate chalkboards. We are going to have a much belated "Prairie picnic" and give each girl their dress and chalkboard in the little canvas bags...
We'll be serving lemonade, fried chicken and all the fixin's to some very gussied up gals...
If the weather is nice we have some potato sack races and, in honor of "Laura," some mock fishing games for prizes...We may even decorate our little bags if we have time...
I will definitely get some pictures off to you. Sorry I've been so delayed. We jumped from one event (our folk art show) to finishing a catalog for our upcoming auction in November...
Take care.

Hi Lynda,
The bonnets arrived on Saturday, September 10th and they are really lovely! I am sure that they will fit the girls. Thank you so much for your is a joy to make purchases that are outstanding in quality and also of benefit to those in need. Incidentally, a homeschooling family in this area adopted a baby boy (Joseph) from Bogata (sp?) 3 years ago. They returned home overjoyed with their new little blessing but also grieving for the others that they were not able to bring home. I'm sure they will be happy to know of your work.
God bless.

Lynda, Can you believe my batteries were dead in my camera yesterday?! Well, here she is! The dress fit perfectly. She had so many compliments. Thanks again. Daddy says we will order some for Christmas! Hope you are having a good Monday! -Shaundra

My granddaughter received your dress and it is a hit and a fit! Thanks so much for getting it to us so promptly.

Hi Lynda
Ryn’s clothes arrived yesterday. They are beautiful and we are absolutely pleased with everything about them. Thank you so very much for all your help.

We received the dress Monday and love it. Thank you for such a beautiful piece. I don't know how you sewed it so fast. It's surreal to see her and my son dressed up playing pioneer kids outside on our little farm. Almost expect to see a horse and wagon come over the hill!

Dear Lynda,
The dress arrived today and is fabulous! We love it and Hannah is looking forward to wearing it at her birthday party. Thank you to you and your mom for both an excellent product and service.

I got the dresses…and they are absolutely precious!!! And how kind of your mom to make the extra bonnets with left over material. Tell her how blessed we are and how grateful we are. What a gift and a sweet heart she has to be able to give in this manner. I will get the girls all dresses up and will send you a picture of my “Laura and Carrie” to share with her.

I couldn't believe it today when the postlady came to my door and it was the dress we ordered just last week! It fits beautifully and what great work. I don't know how you got it finished so soon, you must have your own little elves like Santa. Thank You so much, Dani is going to look so great the week of "Pioneer Days".
Thanks Again and Happy Holidays,
Patti and Danielle

Dear Lynda,
I forgot to tell you that we did get my daughter's dress. She absolutely loves it! her eyes lit up when she saw it. She and her cousin are dressing up as Laura and Mary Ingalls for Halloween. They couldn't be happier! Thanks!

Dear Lynda,
We received the dress today. My daughter tried it on and it is wonderful! She's busy thinking of all the times and places she can wear it. Thanks so much!!

It arrived today at noon. So fast, I was amazed. And it's adorable. My daughter just came home from school and saw it and she loves it too.
Thanks again. It's nice that you give to a charity, too.

Hi, Lynda,
The dress came. It is adorable! Thank you so much for your effort! It is wonderful of you to donate the proceeds to the orphanage. If any of our friends want dresses we will be sure to refer them to you.
With Appreciation, Margaret

Hi Lynda,
I wanted to let you know that I received the dresses today and they are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much...I know my girls will love opening them on Christmas morning!

Hi Lynda,
I received the dress today. Your workmanship is outstanding! It’s just beautiful. Thank you so much! It’s exactly what I was looking for and it looks as though it will fit her beautifully with lots of room to grow over the next couple of years. I can’t wait for her to see it on Christmas morning…and all the fun we’ll have playing “Little House” She can’t get enough of it J Thank you again for your quick responses. I have been very pleased.

They arrived Saturday and look beautiful. I can't wait until I see my girls faces when they receive them! I know they will be delighted and have years of enjoyment playing dress up.
God Bless, Karen

Hi, Lynda -
We received the dress on Saturday, and Janie's party was held on Sunday (two days before her actual birthday)...perfect timing!!! And, as suspected, she loves her dress; I imagine it will be the only thing we see her in for the next few months!
Thank you for this wonderful service.

The Little House on the Prairie dress arrived in the mail today. It is absolutely adorable! It fits my daughter perfectly. She is so excited about it, she tried it on right away and doesn't want to take it off. She wants to surprise dad and be wearing it when he gets home from work. Thank you so much for fulfilling the order so promptly and perfectly!

Lynda: We got it! The postman left a notice, Pam was out with the kids at swim practice, they got home, rushed to the post office, and Lauren put it on just before rehearsal. IT LOOKS WONDERFUL! You'd think she was Laura Ingalls...
Thanks also for your note about Noah's Ark and the support you provide to the children. God is using you wonderfully well.
--dj, pj, and especially Lauren

Hi Lynda,
I received the dress yesterday afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased with it! I ordered it for my 10 year old daughter who loves everything to do with "Little House on the Prairie" and was desperate for a prairie dress. I will be giving it to her on Christmas and I know she will love it also!
Thank you again and God's Blessings for a happy and healthy Holiday, Victoria

Hi, Lynda!
I just wanted to let you know that the "Mary" prairie dress that I ordered arrived on Monday, in record time! And it looks just great. The fabric is very pretty and I'm sure my daughter will be thrilled at Christmas. She is adopted from China and spent time in an orphanage there, so I am particularly pleased that the profits from this purchase will go to support an orphanage. Thanks again for all your good work!

Hi Lynda,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the money order in today's mail. Thank you for returning it. I'm sorry that things didn't work out this time. But I wanted you to know that I appreciate your honesty and integrity in doing business, and we will remember you for the future.
Blessings on you and your family!

We were so excited to receive the bonnet today! It's beautiful. And...we were even more excited to see that the profits of our purchase are sent to an orphanage. Thank you! It has been a pleasure dealing with you!

It made it! I called the post office this morning at 6 AM and asked if they could see if it was on the truck and pull it off for me to pick up...and they did! Living in a small town is wonderful!
I had Elisabeth try it on at school and it fits perfectly. I love it and she says her favorite part is the bonnet. I know she will look so cute and I am proud of her already for learning her sign language and being brave to perform in front of a crowd.
Thanks for trying so hard to get it here in time! Have a wonderful Christmas! Heather

Dear Lynda.....OH MY GOSH!!!!! We received the order this morning for my niece, Hayley Rose; the dress, pinafore and 2 bonnets, as well as the bonnet for her Mommy. I cannot tell you how much Hayley will love this outfit. You did a fantastic job!! That little girl will be having a great Christmas morning because of you. I'll be flying it with me to the suburbs of Buffalo, where all of our family lives.
Once again, let me wish you and your family a joyous and blessed holiday season.
Thanks so much, Sue

Hats have arrived and they are simply wonderful, gorgeous, delightful and so very, very well made. Much appreciated. You are terrific !!!!
Much blessings, Carolyn

The dress arrived today. It's very cute. I think we'll have one happy little girl at Christmas. And she has the kind of heart that will be very touched that the proceeds will bless other children who have much. much less than she does!

I received the order today and it looks great. The pink with the blue calico print is simply adorable. I am planning on giving it to my daughter for her birthday on Saturday and then we will check the fit but at this point it all looks great. Thanks again for the quick work!

I received the order today and the dresses are PERFECT! My 7 year old daughter loves Kirsten and Little House on the Prairie and she is going to love these dresses! They are Christmas gifts-I can't wait to give them to her. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your site. Thank you so much! Melissa

I wasn't able to pick up the package until yesterday from the post office. I opened it this morning and wanted to tell you how beautiful they are. THe girls will be so excited. Your mother does wonderful work (I'm a sewer so I can appreciate the detail that she put into these gowns and sleep caps). Thank you again. My prayers for your family and a wonderful, blessed Christmas and New Year.

I received the package and everything looks great!!!! The dress is beautiful. Ashley is going to love the sleeves! I will e-mail a picture after she opens it for Christmas. Thank you and God bless you for supporting Noah’s Ark. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

The dresses have arrived and they look wonderful. Thank you very much for matching them for me. My girls are going to love them. I will pass your name along to our friends.

Dear Lynda
My package came in the mail yesterday. The dress is absolutely beautiful. I am looking forward to having Makenna try it on. Maybe I can have her mother take a picture of of her wearing it so that your Mother can see her creation on Makenna. Your Mother sounds like a special person. It warmed my heart to learn that your Mother gives all her profits to an orphanage in Colombia. God bless her. Thank you ever so much to make a special Christmas for our Granddaughter.
Joan and Don

Wanted to let you know we received the dresses yesterday...they're wonderful. I know the girls will be delighted with them. Can't wait to see them in them. Thanks again to you and your mother, the note she put in them was special. May God Bless you all and the work she's doing for the orphanage. Merry Christmas & Shalom!

Lynda,We received the dresses yesterday, and I have to tell you, am delighted with them. The girls will love them! The note your mother enclosed was very special and I want to thank you both for the 'rush' job you did. May God Bless you both and your children and the wonderful things your mom is doing for the orphanage....Thanks again, Merry Christmas and Shalom!Kaylynn

Lynda: I was able to snatch the package yesterday without my daughter seeing it. She knew the dress was coming but not until after Christmas. She does not know about the night gown. Thank you again for rushing it. They are awesome! You do beautiful work. That is wonderful about where you send your profits! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!! Mari

Received the dresses......just in time for Christmas. They were a HIT! The girls loved them! Immediately started playing Little House on the Prairie

Lynda, the pinafore and bonnet came this afternoon; thank you. They are terrific, beautifully made. Please give my appreciation to your mom.
Sincerely, Sue

I received the nightgowns yesterday the 13th. They are adorable! I think I'm going to order a dress and apron from you too. I just have to pick out the fabric etc. You do a wonderful job and God bless you for giving your profits away to those in need! That makes the purchase that much sweeter. I can't wait to see my girls in their outfits..they love little house books and have been wanting nightcaps like they used to wear. I have to wait for the 28th and a birthday to have them open it! I'll email you a photo of them too.
Thanks again and for doing it so quickly!!

Hi Lynda,
The girls love their dress and nightgown. They are wearing their “olden day” clothes and we are about to walk across the street to go to the Hiwan Homestead Museum here in Evergreen. They are making plans for summer to attend pioneer type school. Thank you so much for the beautiful clothes, you are a brilliant seamstress… something my mother tried to teach me but…alas! Lisa

Dear Lynda:
We recieved the dress two days ago! You are so efficient. It is so so BEAUTIFUL! Maggie loves it! As do I. It is perfect fit. She does not want to take it off. She didn't think she would Like the bonnet, but it turns out she loves it. Thank you so very much! My self and my children think it is so wonderful you give your profits to the orphanage. You are a very special person. We do not have much, but with your help you made Maggies dream come true. She will be the bell of the Ball!

Just wanted to thank you. Our daughter's dress arrived yesterday, and it fits, and looks so cute on her. She is so excited to wear it for her 2nd grade hoe-down. Also, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that the proceeds go to a great cause.
Thanks for everything,

Lynda, We received the clothes yesterday and they are fantastic!!! Exactly what my daughter needed for the play. Thank you sooo much for the excellent communication and outfits! Your webpage is bookmarked and I'm spreading the word about your great work! Thanks again. Sue

Lynda: The dress arrived yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Rebekah and I both loved the weight and feel of the fabric and it fits her 'just right' with room to grow (thank you!)

Your Mom does beautiful work. The orphanage in Bogata, Columbia is blessed to have her as a benefactor!

I have close friends in Yuma who are from Columbia originally and they are close friends with the Monsignor of the Catholic Diocese in Bogata (Father Eduardo). I'll be certain to mention the work your Mom is doing for the children in that city. We see Msgr. Eduardo about once per year and though I don't speak a word of Spanish...and he doesn't speak English...he is a sweet man and full of grace.
God bless you and your family!

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that the dress just arrived and it's absolutely gorgeous!! I think that is so great that you help those children in Bogota and I feel good knowing that I was kind of a part of helping as well. I will definitely recommend you to my daughter's school and friends.
Thank you again for your speedy delivery!
Have a wonderful day,

Dear Lynda, We recieved the dress today! Wow! It is so beautiful! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see her face when she opens it up! I'm sure my other girls will persuade me to order for them as well :) I love it! Thanks Again and God Bless! Melissa

I feel so badly that it's taken me this long to let you know that the package came on SATURDAY!! (We've had a busy week) The dress is just beautiful and looks precious on my daughter!! It was a joint gift from her great-grandma, grandparents, and us, and as her grandparents were going out of town today (they live here), we gave it to her yesterday. She just loved it! It fit perfectly!!! And the doll dress fit perfectly, too!! Margaret is really excited to wear it on Friday for her birthday party! Thank you, again, for having it to us so quickly, and please thank your mom for sharing her wonderful talents with us!! Chrissy
PS, any special washing instructions?

WOW! Amanda and I are both delighted with the dress. It fits perfectly and the workmanship is excellent. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job! I wish you could have seen her face light up when she saw herself in the mirror. You are a special lady and I'm so glad or paths crossed. I wish you all the best.

Dear Lynda,
The prairie dress was delivered this afternoon by priority mail. We are so happy with it and my daughter thinks it's just so beautiful! I will share your name with the other moms in her class about your wonderful product!
Thank you so much for all your efforts in making such a nice dress. I'm glad to proceeds go to such a worthy cause too.

The dress was a huge success! Thank you so much for sending it and for getting it to us in plenty of time. I had it hemmed just a tad and it worked perfectly. My little Laura Ingalls was the hit of the party. You did a fabulous job and I know we'll get a lot of wear out of this dress. Thanks again! Amy

Dear Alvena,
Just wanted you to know that we received the bonnets. They are perfect and are so cute on the girls. My 5 year old has been wearing hers constantly. What a wonderful thing that you do sending your profits to the orphanage. I will share your web site with friends.
May God bless you,

I received the package today and the outfits are beautiful! Thanks so very much. ANd thanks for rushing for us too. We really appreciate it. Marissa

we got the dress today, it is simply splendid, we were so pleased to find out about the charity, I think that is one of the coolest things we have heard in a long time. God bless you and your family
5 extremely pleased customers
The Adams Family
P.S. dont be surprised if you get another order soon from us

Dear Linda and Alvena,
The outfit arrived today and it is just what I wanted. I know Gracie will love it! I am so grateful for finding your wonderful web sight. I admire you so much for giving the profit you make to such a great cause where children will benefit from your generosity.
I may get in touch with you again for another dress for Gracie's sister. I have a feeling she will NEED one. Her birthday is in July.
Many many thanks to you both and God bless you.

The clothes came today. Kelsey tried them on and they are a wonderful fit! She loves them. I'll send you an attachment when they are used in a painting.
Thanks so much!
Brenda and Kelsey

Hi Lynda!
Just wanted to let you know that the dress arrived yesterday. I opened the box but not the package. From what I can see, the dress, pinnafore & bonnet are absolutely lovely! Angela's birthday is next Friday the 30th and we'll open the rest then! I'm sure she's gonna love it especially since we are rereading the Little House series and are almost finished with "Little House on the Prairie." Tell "Grandma" thank you, thank you, thank you!
Love in Christ,

Hi Lynda,
The dress arrived today, and it is just beautiful! Thank you so much. My daughter is so pleased, to say the least.
Many blessings to you…

My daughter just loves the dress & nightgown. I posted pictures of her in them on our blog along with the link to your site. Thanks for making a great product! I can’t keep Addison out of them!

Lynda: I received the Prairie outfits and they are adorable! Thank you so much for shipping early as the 6 year old's birthday is end of July. The outfits look like they will fit just fine, and the girls will be so excited. They love to play prairie 'pretend', and this will be great fun for them.
Your profits helping children is a wonderful mission, and I wish you well in that endeavor.
Thanks again for your early shipment

The dress arrived July24th. THANK YOU!!! It is beautiful and fits great! My 8 yr daughter will be wearing it to compete in a "Miss Prairie Princess" pagent Aug 20th. I will send you some pictures if you would like.

Lynda and Alvena,
The bonnets arrived yesterday and they are exactly what I was I hoping that they would be. I am sure the girls will love them. Thanks again . Kara

Hi Lynda,
I received my outfit today and it is wonderful. Thank you so much. I will definitely order from you, again.
I am also a believer and I think it is wonderful that the proceeds go to support Noah’s Ark orphanage. I am a foster/adopt parent and God has blessed our family with a little girl (just yesterday)! So we now have three boys and a girl! It has been a very exciting week. Thanks for topping it off with a beautiful dress! Vivian

Dear Lynda,
We got the dress ... it's beautiful! Thank you for your hard work and care. It fits perfectly. We have another interested family in your work and we will give them the website today.
Kimberly and Rhianna

Good morning,
We received the dresses yesterday. Please let your mother know that we are very pleased. Her ministry is a wonderful example of Christ’s love. I am just a beginner at sewing but my daughter is very interested in learning. Perhaps we/she will be able to give back to the Lord somehow through sewing. What an inspiration. Thanks again.

We received the dress and it is BEAUTIFUL! We had family here and they all went on and on about how pretty it is. Our grandaughter will have hours of fun dressing up as Little House on the Prairie.
Thank You

We purchased three dresses two Christmases ago. I just want you to know that my girls are still wearing them (bought them a little large for this purpose). I have a 13 year old that LOVES to put her prairie dress/hat on and go work in the garden. It is precious to me. I know someday soon she will outgrow this but she always tells me she was born in the wrong era. I'm not sure she'd love the prairie era so much if she had actually lived in it. Although we are finding our "modern conveniences" are not so convenient many times!!
Your mother has provided countless hours of fun play for our family. :)
Thank you for such a blessing,

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