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Mom and I

This is a picture of my Mom and I taken in May 2008. The two of us made up "Our Grandma's Closet" for a number of years. This year my oldest daughter, Rebekah, is taking over the sewing. I take care of the website, the accounting, finances, orders and shipping. We make a pretty good team!

My Mom went to Uganda last year and supports many different ministries there. She lives in Canada with one of my brothers. She is retired after working about 36 years at a telephone company. My Mom keeps very busy. She attends a couple of church services a week, hosts a bible study and attends another bible study and feeds the homeless one night a week. She is very close to her sisters and they get together almost every day. I love her very much and feel so blessed to have her for a mother. She has always been there for me, someone that I can talk to about anything and has many words of wisdom. I thank God, for being raised by Christian parents. Her husband, my father, passed away in April 2008.

My Family

I have six children, ages fourteen through twenty-one. My husband and the children's father, was taken to heaven nine years ago in January 2002. I married a widower in May 2008. Below is a wedding picture with my new husband Vernon's son and daughter and her family.

Back Row Left to Right: Nathaniel (son-in-law)Carrie (daughter), Ashley (grandaughter - currently 14)Vernon, Lynda, VJ (son - short for Vernon III)
Next Row: Daniel (grandson - currently 10) Abigail (grandaughter currently 8) and Joshua (grandson - currently 12).

The picture below is of my sons and daughters and was taken in July 2008.

Back row left to right: Rachel (currently 17), Joshua (currently 21), Jonathan (currently 19), Rebekah (currently 18). Front row left to right: Jeremiah (currently 14), Vernon, Lynda, and Sarah (currently 15).

I work at a bank two days a week and homeschool my children that are still at home. Vernon works as a school bus driver and is retired from the Airforce after 20 years of service. My oldest son Joshua is in Branson, Missouri after attending Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City. My next oldest son lives on his own and works at a grocery store. The remainder of the children and my husband and I attend Northwest Baptist Church in Marysville, WA. We are involved in many ministries there, Vernon teaches the married couples sunday school class, ushers and sings in the choir. I am the nursery director, sing in choir, sing in a mixed ensemble, and help with a couple different other ministries as well. If you would like to hear some great preaching from the best Preacher, click on the link above. If you are not 100% sure you are on your way to heaven click here to read the Bible way to heaven.

Here is the latest picture taken in November 2011 in Branson, Missouri.

This is four generations, myself, my son Joshua, my mom and my granddaughter Keren.

That is just a little about us.

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