Ready Made Prairie Style Dresses as of November 14th, 2016

PLEASE NOTE: We can ship these ready made dresses out the next day after receiving payment, please do NOT use our order form just email us and include measurements. Please note that pattern sizes run very differently than store sizes and we are quoting pattern sizes here. It is very likely that a size 4 or 5 pattern size will fit a girl that takes a size 6 or 7. To be sure, when requesting a dress please provide measurements. Chest, waist and length from nape of neck to hem. You may order by using the appropriate number.

You may view our infant/toddler size dresses that we have premade HERE.

Sample Styles


Size 2 or 3

"10-23" 1/2 apron in white size 2/3 length 17 inches. $9.95 can add a white bonnet for additional $9.95

"13-6" is a Laura style dress and bonnet in dark olive green with navy, lilac, white feathers and white pinafore, chest 22, hem 27 1/2 click here. $69.95

Size 3/4 or 4/5

"12-8" Sarah dress in swatch #272 yellow calico bonnet is included but is a different yellow calico or you could change for a navy calico, size 3 length 34 inches $64.95

"16-02" Carrie style dress in swatch #258 royal blue calico. Size 4, chest 23, hem 32 inches. $39.95 dress only, can add a bonnet for $11.95.

Size 5/6 or 6X

"12-5" Alice dress in size 6X, hem 37 in swatch maroon 242 pinnafore and bonnet in plain maroon. $94.95

"12-13" Laura nightgown only in white flannel fits chest 26/27 hem 42 inches.$32.95

"16-03" Carrie style dress in swatch #258 royal blue calico. Size 5, chest 24, hem 34 inches. $39.95 dress only, can add a bonnet for $11.95.

Size 7 or 8

"15-01" Laura nightgown and cap, size 7/8, hem 44 in white. $41.90
"16-01" Rachel style dress (no sash)and bonnet in swatch #100 farm animals on green. Size 7, chest 26, hem 34 inches. $69.95 dress and bonnet.

Size 10 or 12

Nothing available at this time.

Size 14/16/18

Nothing available at this time.

We have a couple of dozen pre made bonnets that sell for $11.95 for children and $13.95 for adults, add $2.00 for custom made (you choose the material) plus $2.00 shipping by first class mail.

Adult Dresses

Nothing available at this time.

Doll Dresses

"10-11" is a Nancy style American Girl doll dress and mob cap in swatch #1. $24.95


I know everyone loves a bargain, I do myself. I go to thrift stores all the time. I have a few outfits that I have bought for myself for Old-Fashioned day at my church. Please email me direct if you are interested in purchasing.

"Used 16-1" Is a 100% wool western suit complete with matching hat. The label is Hairston Roberson ROPA. The jacket is size large, the skirt is size 10. The waist of the skirt fits a 29 inch, the length is 38 inches. The skirt has two large pockets on the front. The jacket buttons with one button on the side. The hat is 100% wool and the label is Toucan - New York. It fits my head which is a 22 circumference. Whole outfit is $40.00. No rips, tears or stains, fully lined.



As we have more made we will add them to this page. We are in the process of making several others. You may also use our order form to custom order a dress or send us an email with your order. Thank you for your business. Ten percent of our profits go to support foreign missions.
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