Adult Long Sleeved Prairie Dress with Pinafore and Bonnet

Choose from one of these three styles of women's long sleeved prairie dresses for only $109.95 (sizes 8 - 14) or $119.95 (sizes 16+)including the bonnet and the pinafore. These outfits are custom made to your measurements. You can choose your material from our swatch page.

When ordering use style name "Caroline" for the dress on the far left. Use the style name "Liza" for the dress and bonnet in the middle and use the style name "Ann" for the dress on the right.

Below is a picture of the "Caroline" style. This picture was contributed by a customer. Thank you Angeline!

If you would like to see a couple more pictures of the "Caroline" dress please click HERE. Please go to our premade page for less expensive outfits. Place your order on Grandma's Closet order form.

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